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Congratulations! You have discovered the hidden section in which I have decided to withhold any embarassingly impudent self-descriptions bar one exception; I lick feet.

Roughly organised into politics, music, visuals, thoughts (mine), ideas (others), people, and places from 2013 onwards.

Here's the questioning box.

My existence elsewhere.

Anonymous said: Are you going to "The Beatles: The Lost Concert" movie premier in a few weeks?

I wasn’t even aware of this documentary until I saw your question, so after some investigating, apparently it got cancelled? Were you planning to go, curious anon?

It looks interesting regardless, so I’ll keep an eye out for when it hits Australian cinemas (or the interwebz)… Thanks for inadvertently letting me know!

  1. nathanielstuart said: Pretty sure this was marketing spam.
  2. bighearts posted this
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