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Olivia Penpraze 


okay i just went to that sad part of tumblr called tagged/olivia penpraze and that’s a ridiculously fucking awful story.

Specifically, because it could’ve been stopped. The first thing psychologists ask, if you survive a suicide attempt is ‘Did you tell anyone?’ This is how they determine whether the attempt was a ‘cry for help’ or ‘intent to die’. If you tell no one, it’s considered ‘intent to die’.

In fact, in her last video, she says ‘I’ve got Soundwave on Friday, so i’ll do it after then’. People that are willing to stay alive for Soundwave aren’t exactly in a rush to be dead.

The bottom line is that Olivia Penpraze posted a video to 900 people and none of them tried to help, and THAT’s fucked up.


I can’t even fathom how someone could think of egging someone on to take their life as trolling. Yeah, Nina, every part of Olivia’s story is just so fucking wrong. Reminds me in some ways of Yueyue’s story..

This utter apathy, or lack of compassion, or disconnection with humanity, or whatever grand phrase I use to try to encapsulate whatever it is we’re experiencing, is it symptomatic of our technological age? There’s so much to do, see, catch up with, I know I’m constantly distracted. Are we too busy or lazy to engage in the complexities of realities, to connect to each other beyond surface level, to empathise and support and really be there? When it’s so much easier to watch romcoms and Masterchef and go clubbing and get mindlessly drunk and avert my gaze from the homeless and I don’t know how to live.. I guess Olivia didn’t either.. maybe all we need is to know that there are others who don’t know too

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