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Congratulations! You have discovered the hidden section in which I have decided to withhold any embarassingly impudent self-descriptions bar one exception; I lick feet.

Roughly organised into politics, music, visuals, thoughts (mine), ideas (others), people, and places from 2013 onwards.

Here's the questioning box.

My existence elsewhere.

Foucault - free lectures on truth, the self and discourse 

First semester of arts in communication involved 2 core subjects that was essentially a 13 week skim through interviewing, discourse analysis, semiotics, Marxism, philosophy, manifestations of gender politics in art & music, and a taste of the frighteningly widespread worship of Foucault. Proud to say I have emerged eyes opened, ridiculously in awe of Foucault (this link might’ve caused a tad of excitement)

Although not sure how relevant our Language & Discourse classes (mandatory Foucault orgy) of theatric but silent improv interpretations of poems, dancing to Single Ladies in the theme of war, and making a cacophony of sounds in a tightknit huddle to begin a lesson…..

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